About the Show

Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or new to showing, whether you’re bringing a horse or just coming to watch and enjoy, the SAFE Benefit Horse Show has something for everyone! Here are some of the events and activities you can take part in at the SAFE Benefit Horse Show:



Dressage is a French term meaning “training” and its purpose is to develop the horse’s natural athletic ability and willingness to work making him calm, supple and attentive to his rider. Competitive dressage involves nine progressive levels incorporating multiple tests within each level. We’ll also be offering Western Dressage and Eventing Dressage!

Download Intro to 4th Level Dressage Tests from the USDF Website.

Download FEI Level Test from FEI

Download Eventing Dressage Tests from USEA

Download Western Dressage Tests from the WDAA Website.



englishwesternEnglish and Western

English and Western performance classes will take place in the Main Arena. We offer Halter and Showmanship classes where horses and handlers are judged as they work in hand. Following the In Hand classes, we start with Walk Only Classes for our Novice Riders and Green Horses, followed by the Walk Trot classes and the Walk Trot Canter classes.





Whether Riding, In-Hand, or Leadline, our trails course is fun and challenging. It provides horse and human the opportunity to work through obstacles and situations as a team, developing trust and confidence. It’s not only fun for the rider, but for most horses as well. The challenges of each obstacle call for mutual trust between the horse and rider, and can help develop confidence in both. The SAFE trails competition is open to riders from each rider division, as well as in-hand trails and leadline trails.





Show hunters are judged on their movement, manners, and way of going while jumping fences and on the flat. The rider is expected to ride with proper riding position and guide the horse over the course in a rhythmic and elegant manner. The horse is expected to be well balanced and execute proper form over fences.





ranchridingRanch Riding

Ranch Riding classes are designed to showcase the movement and versatility of ranch style horses. Riders and their horses work individually in the ring to complete a pre-determined pattern which is scored by a judge. The pattern may consist of specified gaits: walk, trot, extended trot, lope, and extended lope; along with some optional maneuvers and a change of direction somewhere in the pattern. Ranch Riding patterns used at the SAFE Show are created by the AQHA and can be found at https://www.aqha.com/ranch-riding1





TIP Awards

The Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P.) was created by the Jockey Club to encourage the retraining of Thoroughbreds into other disciplines upon completion of careers in racing or breeding. This is a fantastic program that promotes Thoroughbreds as sport horses in second careers. T.I.P. sponsors Thoroughbred-only classes and and high point awards for Thoroughbreds awards at open horse shows and competitions nationwide. Horses that are enrolled in the T.I.P. program can also earn points to win year-end Performance Awards, including a Thoroughbred of the Year Award, and a Young Rider of the Year Award.




Main Arena Classes

HALTER: An in-hand class in which the horse is judged.
Horses in halter classes are judged on their conformation. Horses should be groomed and otherwise prepared to be presented in the ring and exhibited to its best advantage. Horses will NOT be faulted for having natural muzzle whiskers.

Color Horse = pintos, paints, palominos, appaloosas, buckskins, gruellas, cremellos
Non-Color Horse = bays, greys, sorrels/chestnuts, blacks
***No cross entry between Color and Non-Color Halter
Senior Horse = 18 years old or older (the horse, not the handler!)
Stock Type = Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, Paints
Pleasure Type = Arabians, Morgans
Hunter Type = Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods
***No cross entry between Western Stock or Pleasure; or English Hunter or Pleasure

SHOWMANSHIP:An in-hand class in which the handler is judged.
Showmanship classes allow the handler to demonstrate his/her ability to groom and otherwise prepare the horse and then present it in the ring, follow the pattern correctly and exhibit the animal to its best advantage without ever physically touching the horse. Horses will NOT be faulted for having natural muzzle whiskers.

EQUITATION: The rider is judged.
A good equitation rider is always in balance with the horse, maintains a correct position in every gait or movement and possesses a commanding, but relaxed, presence. They are effective riders, able to direct the horse with nearly invisible aids.

PLEASURE: The horse is judged.
The horse is judged on quality of movement, proper behavior, form in motion, and calm manner. Faults are assessed on infractions such as excessive speed or slowness, breaking of the gait, poor transitions, being on the wrong lead or having incorrect head position.

NOTE ABOUT BITS IN WESTERN CLASSES: Any horse, regardless of age, may be ridden with two hands and a ring snaffle or bosal, in any of the Western classes.

NOTE ABOUT HELMETS IN WESTERN CLASSES: Helmets are mandatory for all riders under the age of 18. Riders will not be judged negatively for wearing a helmet in any western class, even if they are competing against older riders who choose to ride without helmets.

Trails Classes

Horse & Rider/Handler Judged.
The trails arena will be set up as an obstacle course with a series of obstacles that the horse & rider have to navigate. The horse and rider will be Judged as a team on their ability to navigate the course, and the subtle use of cues and aids, sensitivity of horse to obstacles and willingness to comply.
The trails course will be open on Sunday from 8am to 10am for Open Schooling Sessions, and from 10am to 3pm for competition. You may check in at the Trails Arena at any point during the day to do your ride(s).

Dressage Classes

Dressage riders must pre-enter by July 28 to get an assigned ride time.

Fun Classes

LEADLINE (for little kids):
Future equestrian superstars (ages 10 and under) compete for the Blue Ribbon.

A costume contest for Horses and their Riders or Handlers! Show us your creativity!

Horse and Rider Definitions:

Rescue Horse: Any Breed/Any Color
A rescue horse is one adopted from a rescue or humane society, or saved from previous neglect or abuse. Please provide proof of adoption from a Horse Rescue if possible. A good story about how you acquired the horse will also typically be taken as Proof of Rescue.

Senior Horse: Any Breed/Any Color
A horse who is 18 years old or older.

Novice Division: These classes are intended for those who are new to showing. A Novice Rider is a rider of any age who has never won a total of 3 blue ribbons at any combination of shows/levels in a given discipline. A rider with show experience in Western who has never shown English would be allowed to enter the Novice Division in English.

Green Horse: Any Breed/Any Color
Any horse in his first or second year of showing.

2019 SAFE Benefit Horse Show Preliminary Schedule:

Saturday Aug 3

8:00am — English In Hand classes begin in the Main Arena, followed by under saddle classes
8:00am* — Hunter Classes begin
10:00am — NAWD Six Feet on the Ground Competition begins (ends at 12pm)
4:00pm Happy Hour! Beer and wine sales start
5:00pm — Our Saturday Night Party gets underway!!

5:00pm — Dinner starts
5:00pm — Costume Contest
5:30pm — Hobby Horse Challenge!

Sunday Aug 4

8:00am — Western In Hand classes begin in the Main Arena, followed by under saddle classes
8:00am* — Dressage classes begin
8:00am – 10am — Trails Open Schooling
10am – 3pm — Trails Competition

*Subject to change based on entries

Frequently Asked Questions

CLICK HERE for directions to Donida Farm

If you have any questions about the SAFE show that are not addressed here, please contact Bonnie Hammond by email at bonnie@safehorses.org. I am always happy to help!

Registration Questions

Stabling and Check-In Questions

Donida Farm Questions

SAFE Show Rules


Is pre-registration required for the SAFE show?

YES. All competitors must pre-register. No day-of-show entries will be accepted. Registered competitors will be able to add classes on the day of show for $15 each (excluding Dressage and Hunters).

What’s the Token System?

Riders wishing to add classes will purchase tokens for entry into classes at $15 per token. Tokens will be used for entry into any of the Main Arena or Trails classes. Tokens will not be used for Dressage or Hunter classes.

When you check into a class, hand a token to the gatekeeper and give him your number before entering the ring. You can use your tokens for any class you wish to enter, as long as you are eligible for it. Additional tokens can be purchased at the show office throughout the day. NOTE: It is your responsibility to be on time for the classes you wish to enter and to ensure that you do not enter any classes that you are not eligible for.

What if I enter into a class and then decide I want to be in a different class?

Prior to the start of the show, please contact the show secretary and ask for changes. You will not be charged an Add/Scratch fee.
You can also change classes on the day of the show and you will not be charged an Add/Scratch fee.

What if I submit my entry and then decide I want to add more classes?

Before the show, add classes using the online ADD CLASSES FORM
Day of the show, you can add Main Arena and Trails classes by purchasing more tokens in the show office for $15 each.

Do you offer refunds on cancelled entries?

Exhibitors canceling entries after 8pm on Sunday, July 28, 2019 shall forfeit their paid entry fees, unless you can produce a certificate from your vet or physician prior to the start of your first class. Paid entry fees that are not used or refunded are considered tax deductible donations to SAFE and tax receipts will be issued on request.
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How early can we haul in horses to the showgrounds on Friday Aug 2?

If you have reserved a stall for Friday night, you may arrive at Donida after 2pm and your stall will be ready. Please plan to arrive before 8pm unless other arrangements have been made.

How early can we haul in on Saturday or Sunday morning?

If you have pre-reserved stalls for Saturday or Sunday, you may arrive at Donida as early as 6am and your stall will be ready. Stall assignments will be posted online and outside the show office.

What time does the show office open on Saturday or Sunday morning?

The show office will be open at 7am both days.

Can I purchase additional shavings for my stall(s)?

Each stall comes with the initial bedding already in place. If you need additional shavings, they are available for purchase from Donida at $10.00 bag. Pre-order shavings online the online entry form. Do not bring your own shavings please.



Where is Donida Farm?

Donida Farm Equestrian Center
16600 SE 376th St
Auburn, WA 98092-9431

Directions to Donida Farm

  1. From Interstate 5, merge onto WA-18 E toward Auburn.
  2. Take the WA-164 E exit toward Enumclaw / Muckleshoot Reservation.
  3. Turn left onto Auburn Way S / WA-164. Continue to follow WA-164 for 5.7 miles.
  4. Turn left onto SE 380th Pl at “Cooper’s Corner.”
  5. At the end of the road, turn left onto 160th Pl SE.
  6. Take a sharp right onto SE 376th St.
  7. 16600 SE 376th St is on your left. Look for the Donida Farm sign.

Does Donida allow dogs on the show grounds?

No. Dogs are not welcome at Donida Farm. Please leave your dogs at home Do not under any circumstances leave dogs unattended in parked cars.

Is overnight camping available at Donida ?

Yes. Dry camping at Donida is $25 per night. There are no hookups available but there are bathroom and shower facilities at the camping area. Camping fees must be paid in advance at the show office and you must display a pass on your camper, trailer or tent.

If you’ve already registered for the show and need to add camping fees, please use the Add Classes form to do so.

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Cross Entry Rules

• Cross-entry is allowed between Green Horse and Rescue Horse classes and other classes.

• Cross-entry is allowed between Walk Only, Walk/Trot, and Walk/Trot Canter

• Riders may only enter TWO consecutive hunter divisions (i.e, Trot Poles & Cross Rails, Cross Rails & 2′, or 2′ & 2’3″-2’6″) Horses may be ridden by different riders in non-consecutive hunter divisions or classes, but the horse cannot be entered in more than 14 under saddle classes in a single day.

Entry Limitations

Due to the excessive heat typically present in August, a single horse may not be entered in more than 14 under saddle classes in a single day. Dressage tests and hunter rounds are included in this total. Halter, showmanship, and trails are not included in this count.

Show Rules

All riders under 18 years of age must wear a helmet at all times when mounted on a horse at Donida Farm Equestrian Center.
• All riders participating in Hunter classes and Hunter warm up must wear a helmet while jumping regardless of age.
• All riders must wear suitable footwear for riding, including boots with at least a 1′ heel. No sneakers!
• Show attire is not required — although it is welcome — but appropriate attire is mandatory. If in doubt, think “family friendly”. No shorts.
• Stallions are not permitted at the SAFE show
• The judges’ decisions are final. If a judge or staff member decides that an animal is not fit to show, that decision will be final as well.
• The following will be grounds for disqualification and expulsion without a refund:

a. Unsportsmanlike conduct toward horses or humans
b. Use of severe bits or training devices
c. Excessive use of whips, crops, or spurs
d. Mistreatment of any horse, as determined by show staff or judges
e. Exhibiting a horse that is exhausted, injured, or lame
f. Unruly or out-of-control horses

• Any disputes or problems during the show should be brought to the attention of the show manager or the Technical Delegate.
• All horses that kick are required to have a RED ribbon attached to the tail that is clearly visible at ALL times. You will not be marked down in any class for this. Red ribbons will be available in the show office.
• Horses should not be tied to any arena fences or any place that would constitute a hazard.
• No exhibitor should be tied, buckled or fastened in the saddle in any manner. (Especially in Leadline Classes.)
• Snaffle bits are allowed in both English and Western classes. Any horse, regardless of age, may be ridden with two hands and a ring snaffle or bosal in any of the Western classes. Tack should be discipline-appropriate.
• This is an open non-recognized schooling show. Therefore, boots, wraps, and other schooling equipment is permitted. Hackamores and bitless bridles are also permitted. Under no circumstances may riders use severe bits or training devices. Show management has final say in what is considered severe or inhumane.

• For all other horse show rules, please refer to the 2019 USEF Rule Book.
• No horses allowed onto facility without being stalled.
• Campers, RVs, living quarter trailers, and tents must obtain a Camping Pass from the Show Office and clearly display it where it can be seen when the campground attendant comes through to check. $25 per night for camping payable to Donida Farm.
• Dogs are not permitted at Donida Farm. Please leave your dogs at home. Do not under any circumstances leave dogs unattended in parked cars.
• No horses allowed in campgrounds.
• Please lunge in designated areas only.
• Use manure wagons to dispose of stall manure only.
• Pick up garbage and place in or next to dumpster.
• Horses may move in after 2:00 pm on Friday Aug 2
• No stall construction changes allowed. Any damage to stalls will incur a fee. No nails in stall. Tack stalls will be charged $20.00 for nails.
• Bagged shavings available at $10 bag. Order at show office. 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM drop offs.

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