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Please note: Due to high temperatures expected in August, horses may not be entered in more than 14 classes per day!


Main Arena – English

Judge: Jill Hallin
Arena: Main Arena — Arena Sponsorship Still Available!

1. English Halter, Color Horse
2. English Halter, Non-Color Horse
3. English Halter, Rescue Horse — sponsored by by Millie, Andy, and Kathy
4. English Halter, Senior Horse
5. English Halter, Hunter Type
6. English Halter, Pleasure Type
7. English Halter, Thoroughbreds
Click here for Halter Class Definitions!
8. Showmanship, English, Open
9. Advanced Showmanship, English, Open
10. Walk Only, English, Novice Rider
11. Walk Only, English, Green Horse
12. Walk Only, English, Rescue Horse — sponsored by by Millie, Andy, and Kathy
13. Walk Only, English, Senior Horse
14. Walk Only, English, Open
15. Walk/Trot English Equitation, 12 & under
16. Walk/Trot English Equitation, 13-17
17. Walk/Trot English Equitation, 18-39
18. Walk/Trot English Equitation, 40 & over
19. Walk/Trot English Equitation, Novice Rider
20. Walk/Trot English Equitation, Open
21. Walk/Trot English Pleasure, 12 & under
22. Walk/Trot English Pleasure, 13-17
23. Walk/Trot English Pleasure, 18–39
24. Walk/Trot English Pleasure, 40 & over
25. Walk/Trot English Pleasure, Open
26. Walk/Trot English Pleasure, Green Horse
27. Walk/Trot English Pleasure, Thoroughbreds
28. Walk/Trot English Pleasure, Rescue Horse — sponsored by Robbie & Gerry Meisner – SAFE Volunteers
29. Walk/Trot English Pleasure, Senior Horse
30. English Equitation, 12 & under
31. English Equitation, 13-17
32. English Equitation, 18-39
33. English Equitation, 40 & over
34. English Equitation, Novice Rider
35. English Equitation, Open
36. English Pleasure, 12 & under
37. English Pleasure, 13-17
38. English Pleasure, 18-39
39. English Pleasure, 40 & over
40. English Pleasure, Open
41. English Pleasure, Green Horse
42. English Pleasure, Thoroughbreds
43. English Pleasure, Rescue/ Senior Horse — sponsored by by Millie, Andy, and Kathy
44. Advanced English Pleasure, Open


Judge: TBD
Arena: Hunter Arena — Arena Sponsorship Still Available!

300. Trot Pole Hunters
301. Trot Pole Equitation
302. Trot Pole Handy Hunter Round
What’s a Handy Hunter Round? Click here to find out!

400. Cross Rail Hunters
401. Cross Rail Equitation
402. Cross Rail Handy Hunter Round

500. 2′ Hunters
501. 2′ Equitation
502. 2′ Handy Hunter Round


During Dinner

Leadline — sponsored by Kit Topaz
Costume Class
Hobby Horse Challenge
Gambler’s Choice Trails Challenge — sponsored by Mount Rainier Equine Veterinary Services

SUNDAY August 6

Main Arena – Western & Ranch Riding

Judge: Carrie Olson
Arena: Main Arena — Arena Sponsorship Still Available!

50. Western Halter, Color Horse — sponsored in memory of Redstar Robin
51. Western Halter, Non-Color Horse
52. Western Halter, Rescue Horse
53. Western Halter, Senior Horse
54. Western Halter, Stock Type
55. Western Halter, Pleasure Type
56. Western Halter, Thoroughbreds
Click here for Halter Class Definitions!
57. Showmanship, Western, Open
58. Advanced Showmanship, English, Open
59. Walk Only, Western, Novice Rider
60. Walk Only, Western, Green Horse
61. Walk Only, Western, Rescue Horse — sponsored by by Millie, Andy, and Kathy
62. Walk Only, Western, Senior Horse
63. Walk Only, Western, Open
64. Walk/Jog Western Equitation, 12 & under
65. Walk/Jog Western Equitation, 13-17
66. Walk/Jog Western Equitation, 18-39
67. Walk/Jog Western Equitation, 40 & over
68. Walk/Jog Western Equitation, Novice Rider
69. Walk/Jog Western Equitation, Open
70. Walk/Jog Western Pleasure, 12 & under
71. Walk/Jog Western Pleasure, 13-17
72. Walk/Jog Western Pleasure, 18-39
73. Walk/Jog Western Pleasure, 40 & over
74. Walk/Jog Western Pleasure, Open
75. Walk/Jog Western Pleasure, Green Horse
76. Walk/Jog Western Pleasure, Thoroughbred
77. Walk/Jog Western Pleasure, Rescue Horse
78. Walk/Jog Western Pleasure, Senior Horse
79. Western Equitation, 12 & under
80. Western Equitation, 13-17
81. Western Equitation, 18-39
82. Western Equitation, 40 & over
83. Western Equitation, Novice Rider
84. Western Equitation, Open
85. Western Pleasure, 12 & under
86. Western Pleasure, 13-17
87. Western Pleasure, 18-39
88. Western Pleasure, 40 & over
89. Western Pleasure, Open
90. Western Pleasure, Green Horse
91. Western Pleasure, Thoroughbreds
92. Western Pleasure, Rescue /Senior Horse — sponsored by by Millie, Andy, and Kathy
93. Advanced Western Pleasure, Open
94. Ranch Riding, 17 & under
95. Ranch Riding, 18 & over
96. Ranch Riding, Open
What is Ranch Riding? Click here to find out!


Judges: Kellie Lee Larson and Nicol Hinde
Arenas: Dressage A and Dressage B — Arena Sponsorships Still Available!

100. Intro Level A
101. Intro Level B
102. Intro Level C
103. Training Level Test 1
104. Training Level Test 2
105. Training Level Test 3
106. First Level, Test 1
107. First Level, Test 2
108. First Level, Test 3
109. Second Level TOC
110. Third Level TOC
111. Fourth Level TOC
112. FEI Level TOC
113. Musical Freestyle — sponsored by Shelly Navarre and Les Norton
114. Pas de Deux
115. USEA Eventing TOC
115. USEA Eventing Dressage, TOC
116. USEF Western Dressage Intro, TOC
117. USEF Western Dressage Basic, TOC
118. USEF Western Dressage Level 1-2, TOC
Class list is subject to change. SAFE reserves the right to combine, split or cancel classes as necessary.



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Main Arena classes: $10 per class
Dressage classes: $25 per class
Ranch Riding: $20 per class
Hunter classes: $20 per class

STABLING FEES: (All horses must be stabled, no haul ins)
Day stall (no overnight stay): $30
Overnight stall (arrive Saturday, depart Sunday): $60
Full weekend stall (arrive Friday PM, depart Sunday): $75
Tack Stalls: (same as above)


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Grand Champion
Reserve Champion
Champion Rescue Horse
Champion Senior Horse
Champion SAFE Alumni Horse
Champion Blind Horse

English Rider, 12 & Under
English Rider, 13-17
English Rider, 18-39
English Rider, 40 & Up
Novice English Rider
Western Rider, 12 & Under
Western Rider, 13-17
Western Rider, 18-39
Western Rider, 40 & Up
Novice Western Rider
Dressage Intro Level High Score
Dressage Training Level High Score
Dressage First Level High Score
Dressage Second Level and Above High Score
Western Dressage High Score
Trot Pole Hunter
Cross Rail Hunter
2′ Hunter

Reminder: high point awards are for individual horse and rider pairs only. If you bring more than one horse to the show, you’ll have a separate show number for each horse you ride, and when you switch horses, you must be sure to switch numbers too. If you win points on Horse A, those points will NOT be combined with those you win on Horse B. So please be 100% certain that when you go into the ring, you’re wearing the right number. Same goes for a horse with more than one rider. Rider A’s points will not be combined with Rider B’s; each horse & rider pair compete separately for high points. THE ONLY EXCEPTION TO THIS is Rescue Horse High Point and Senior Horse High Point – in these two cases, the points follow the horse, regardless of the rider.

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