Save the Date for 2018

The 2018 SAFE Benefit Horse Show will take place Aug 4-5, 2018 at Donida Farm in Auburn!!

Congratulations to the 2017 SAFE Show Champions!!

SAFE Show Champions Alana Boehm, Sami Yoder, and Kamie McDowell, with their coach Jerry Pelikan

The 11th annual SAFE Benefit Horse Show, which took place this past weekend, was an incredible success, and possibly the best show that we’ve ever put on. We are so grateful to everyone who came out to the show and made it so much fun. Everyone who participated was a winner, but here are the champions of this year’s show:

Grand Champion, presented by Hearts of Bold, Sunny & Shasta, and Arabians Rule
Kirstin Foster and Quincy’s Rebel Cody

Reserve Champion, presented by Rainland Farm Equine Clinic
Samantha Yoder and KA Emiras Gold

Champion Rescue Horse, presented by Eve Tai, in honor of America’s wild horses
Lorenzo (aka SAFE Bucky B Lucky) ridden by Ruth Jelinek

Champion Senior Horse, presented by Sweeney Road Old Horse Retirement Home, in memory of the much loved Nona Lisa
Kirstin Foster and Quincy’s Rebel Cody

Champion SAFE Alumni Horse, presented by Sunny & Shasta’s Mini-Syndicate
Lorenzo (aka SAFE Bucky B Lucky) ridden by Ruth Jelinek

English Rider, 12 & Under, presented by The Whole Pet Shop
Samantha Yoder and KA Emiras Gold

English Rider, 13-17, presented by Lake Washington Saddle Club
Kiera Forgrieve and Oasis

English Rider, 18-39, presented by The Gift Horse Saddlery
Louise Doerrer and Kiss This Miss

English Rider, 40 & Over, presented by Equicube LLC
Sara Davis and Mustang Brady

Novice English Rider, presented by Alicia Brattin
Alise Walters and Jasmine

Western Rider, 12 & Under, presented by Country Farm & Feed
Samantha Yoder and KA Emiras Gold

Western Rider, 13-17, presented by Leslie Norton, CFP®
Kaylee Kennedy and Grand Slam Sam

Western Rider, 18-39, presented by Bothell Feed Center
Alana Boehm and Ima Good Ridder

Western Rider, 40 & Over, presented by Caren McMillan
Kamie McDowell and Toby

Novice Western Rider, presented by Alicia Brattin
Tina Trussell and Smooth Driftin Grace
2nd place: Madalyn Brown and A Drop of Jupiter

Dressage, Intro High Scorepresented by Pacific Moon Dressage
Meaghan Valenti and Berry

Dressage, Training High Score, presented by Lake Washington Saddle Club
Jenn Hermsmeier and Ben

Dressage, First Level High Score, presented by Mindful Healing Vet Care
Helga Roberts and Bella

Dressage, Second & Up High Score, presented by Island Equine Massage LLC
Cyarah Sell and Roxie

Western Dressage High Score, presented by Stella + Dot, stylists Tracy Farnham and Jenae Stout
Sarah Stevens and Dash for Cash

Champion Trot Pole Hunter, presented by White Trifolium Designs and The Beaded Dog and Pony
Tory Silvernail and In The Moment

Champion Cross Rail Hunter, presented by the riders of Stoneridge Equestrians, in honor of coach Daria Nordness

Emily Ringness and In Disguise

Champion 2′ Hunter, presented by Orion Equestrian
Haley Reed and Wallace

TIP Award Winners

We had a great turnout of Thoroughbred ex-racehorses at the SAFE Show this year, and all of them were competing for prizes and awards from the Jockey Club’s Thoroughbred Incentive Program and prize money provided by The Prodigious Fund.

This year’s TIP Award winners are

High Point Thoroughbred, Overall: #488 Lorenzo and Ruth Jelinek

High Point Thoroughbred, Junior Rider: #163 Mia’s Mystery and Abbie Stien

High Point In Hand Thoroughbred: #488 Lorenzo and Ruth Jelinek

High Point English Thoroughbred: #488 Lorenzo and Ruth Jelinek

High Point Western Thoroughbred: #202 SAFE Ben and Lisa Garr

High Point Green Thoroughbred: #462 Ava Rose and Jeannette Parrett

High Point Thoroughbred Hunter: #235 Story Behind It and McKenna Woodworth

High Point Thoroughbred Hunter, Junior Rider: #149 Forte and Hannah Byrnes

High Score Thoroughbred, Intro Dressage: #241 Heresomesthetrain and Maria Lacasse

High Score Thoroughbred, Training Level Dressage: #241 Heresomesthetrain and Maria Lacasse

High Score Thoroughbred, First Level Dressage: #488 Lorenzo and Ruth Jelinek

High Score Thoroughbred,Western Dressage: #454 Kactus Relevation and Anna Whitmore

High Score Thoroughbred, Musical Freestyle: #488 Lorenzo and Ruth Jelinek

High Score Dressage Thoroughbred, Overall: #488 Lorenzo and Ruth Jelinek

TIP Award winners should contact Jeannette Parrett at to arrange to pick up your ribbons and prizes.

And thank you again to the Prodigious Fund for donating prize money for these award winners. SAFE is proud to partner with Emerald Downs to promote second careers for Thoroughbred racehorses.

Show Update!

Today was an absolutely wonderful day at the 11th annual SAFE Benefit Horse Show — a great day of friendly competition for English and Hunter Riders. The weather ended up being downright pleasant, and the classes in the indoor arena were cool and comfortable. Big thanks to David Blake and the guys at Donida for keeping the outdoor rings watered and dragged throughout the day.

Following the English classes in The Grange Main Arena, we had the first annual SAFE Hobby Horse Challenge, and it was absolutely HILARIOUS. Huge thanks to Katie Barron for making it so much fun, and thank you to all the riders who really gave it their all, even when their hobby horses exhibited less than perfect behavior. This was a smashing success and we cannot wait to do it again next year!

Speaking of smashing successes, you should have been there for the Gambler’s Choice Trails Challenge, sponsored by Mt Rainier Equine Vet Services. The Master of Ceremonies, Dan McAllister, designed a challenging course for the riders to tackle, and boy did they rise to the occasion. But it was the audience who really blew us away because after all the riders were auctioned off, there was $7,100 in the pot, smashing all previous records, and setting it up for the winning rider and the person who bought them to each take home $1,775. WOW!! After all the riders completed their rounds, we had an tie for 1st place between 2 time champion Rachel Kohler and newcomer Ryan Sophy. The tiebreaker gave the victory to Rachel and Velvet, and Velvet’s owner, who won the auction for Rachel generously donated her share of the winnings back to SAFE. So tonight’s event brought in an incredible $5,325 for the horses at SAFE. Way to go, everyone, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this happen!

Tomorrow morning at 8am we’re back at it with competition in Western, Dressage, and Trails. Come down and cheer on SAFE horses Ben, Stevie, Cameo, and Tasara, as well as SAFE alums Opal, Baxter, Bucky B Lucky, Moonshine, and Owen. It’s going to be another great day!!

Stirrup A Cup Espresso on the Deck!

Stirrup A Cup, the Donida Farm espresso stand, will be open at 7:00am for all your early morning coffee needs. When things start to heat up, cool down with an iced latte or an Italian soda!! Stirrup A Cup is located on the deck inside the large indoor arena, where we’ll be holding English classes tomorrow!

Final Ride Times for Dressage

Here are the final ride times for Dressage. If you are riding in the Pacific Moon Arena, your times may have pushed back by 10 minutes, so be sure to check. If you’re riding in the New Homes NW Arena, your ride times will not have changed, unless you requested a change.

Dressage Ride Times Final

Last Day for Cancellations

Hello Riders!
We’ve had about 15 horses and riders drop out of the show due to concerns about the weather this weekend. The weather forecast has actually improved a bit, but we are still expecting high temperatures.

Just a reminder that our show rules state that competitors can cancel their entries and receive a full refund if they make their cancellation before Thursday 8/3 at 5pm. After 5pm, we won’t refund entry fees unless you have a note from your vet or physician.

If you do feel that you need to cancel your entry today, we certainly understand and will make every effort to help you. Please, if you can, keep in mind that a lot of work has already gone into processing your entry, assigning stabling, and scheduling rides — so if you do decide to cancel, a small donation back to SAFE would certainly be appreciated! We’re doing this for the horses after all!! Thanks for your consideration!!

Your exhausted show secretary

Beat the Heat at the SAFE Show!

The heat wave forecast for this week has everyone a bit concerned about the comfort and safety of horses and riders at home and at the show. Currently, there is an Excessive Heat Warning in effect from this evening until 8pm on Friday. By the weekend, the temperatures are supposed to drop, but it is still going to be plenty hot! So here are a few things we’ve decided to do to combat that:

We’re going to move the English rail classes and the Western rail classes to Donida’s large indoor arena. We’ll be out of the direct sun so it should be quite a bit cooler. We’ll get underway with the In Hand classes both days at 8am. It’s likely that we will be done in the Main Arena by around 2pm.

We’d like to move the start of the hunter classes to 8am on Saturday as well. Here is the complete Hunter Ring schedule:

7:30am Trot Pole warm up
8:00 am – 9:30am   Trot Pole classes (Open Card)

9:45 am     Cross Rails warm up
10:15 am- 11:30am    Cross Rails classes (Open Card)

Break for lunch — Water/Drag Arena

12:30pm    2 ft warm up
1:00 pm – 2:30pm    2 ft classes (Open Card)

Finally, we are considering starting our dressage ride times on Sunday earlier, possibly as early as 7:00am. With two rings, we may be able to get all classes complete by 2pm if we get started early.

Regarding stabling, many of you have asked if you can bring box fans for your horses’ stalls. You can, but there is no guarantee that you’ll have access to power in the stabling area. Extension cords must be secured so that there are no tripping or chewing hazards. You absolutely cannot unplug the PA system. And fans must be turned off at night.

Thanks to our sponsor Purified Water to Go, we will have a cold water hydration station at the show, so competitors and volunteers can have fresh, cold water to drink. We’ll also be selling SAFE water bottles at our booth, so pick one up and stay hydrated all weekend!

SAFE Show Cancellation Policy: Exhibitors canceling entries after 5pm on Thursday Aug 3 shall forfeit their paid entry fees, unless you can produce a certificate from your vet or physician prior to the start of your first class. Paid entry fees that are not used or refunded are considered tax deductible donations to SAFE and tax receipts will be issued on request.


Last Chance to Enter the SAFE Show!

We are nearly full up, so we will be accepting show entries until TUESDAY AUGUST 1. Cutoff time is 3pm!! We will be accepting Dressage and Hunter entries, as well as English, Western, and Trails, but only until tomorrow at 3pm! THANK YOU!!

Trails Competition at the SAFE Show!

It is confirmed, we will have a Trails Course set up for competition on Sunday at the SAFE Show! A huge thank you to Mr Dan McAllister who has designed the courses for both the Trails competition and the Gambler’s Choice Trails Challenge. Thank you as well to Stephanie Korhel and Camille Ducharme-Scary for letting us use your trails equipment!!!

Here is the schedule for the Trails Arena, sponsored by the Parrot Heads of Puget Sound:

Sunday, Aug 6
8am to 10am — Open Schooling on the trails course, $10 for a 30 minute session
10am to 3pm — Trails course open for competition

Classes Offered:
98. Trails, In Hand (Click here for pattern)

99. Trails, Mounted, Walk/Jog/Lope (Click here for pattern)

99. Trails, Mounted, Walk/Jog (Click here for pattern)

100. Trails, Leadline (no entry fee)

If you’ve already entered the show, use the Add Classes form to add Trails classes.

The Gambler’s Choice Trails Challenge, presented by Mt Rainier Equine Vet

Here’s how it works: there will be 10 contestants, who will each have 2 minutes to complete a series of obstacles on a trails course. Each obstacle will be worth a specific number of points based on difficulty, and the rider who accumulates the most points during their run is the winner. Sounds simple, right?

The super fun part is that before we start, the 10 riders will be auctioned off to the members of the crowd. The money from the auction goes into a pool, and when the dust settles, half of the pool money goes to SAFE, a quarter goes to the winning rider, and a quarter to the winning bidder. Last year, the winning rider AND the person who won her in the auction each went home with more than $1,000! The stakes are high and the competition is fierce. But someone will emerge victorious and be crowned the Champion!

The Gambler’s Choice Trails Challenge, presented by Mt Rainier Equine Vet: it’s super fun, it’s for a great cause, and you don’t want to miss it! It’s all part of the Saturday night dinner party at the SAFE Show, and everyone is welcome!

Trainers bringing students to the SAFE Show are invited to participate in the Gambler’s Choice Trails Challenge! Contact Bonnie at if you’re interested!

We will be serving dinner during the festivities — Wood-fired authentic Neapolitan pizza made fresh by Veraci Pizza. Dinner includes beverages and dessert, and beer and wine will be available for purchase too! Dinner tickets need to be purchased in advance so we know how much food to order so click here to purchase dinner tickets!

Ranch Riding Patterns

Here are the patterns for the Ranch Riding Classes, taking place Sunday at the SAFE show in the Grange Western Arena:

Class 94. Ranch Riding, 17 & Under

Class 95. Ranch Riding 18 & Over

Class 96. Ranch Riding, Open

Please note that horses will NOT be marked down for hoof polish, braids, etc. at the SAFE Show. Get fancy or come as you are, both are welcome!!

Already registered and want to add Ranch Riding Classes? Click here to add!

What is Ranch Riding? Click here to learn more!

No Horse? No Problem!

Polish up your boots, practice your gaits and get ready to compete in the world’s newest equestrian sport: Hobby Horsing! Don’t have a horse of your own? Don’t worry, we will supply you with one perfect for this purpose.

Join us for the most fun you’ll have on two legs. This year’s Hobby Horse Challenge participants will compete on Saturday starting at 4pm in two mini-classes: Western Trails and Dressage. A Golden Horse Shoe Award will be given to the outstanding participant in both events. Sign up for this historic (and slightly hysterical) event. All you need is the moves and the attitude—we’ll supply the hobby horse! Oh and after the show, your new equine friend will be coming home with you! (Don’t worry, they don’t eat much and there’s no shoveling!)

Pre-registration is required.

$25 entry fee includes a Hobby Horse, or $20 if you bring your own Hobby Horse.

Children and adult divisions.

Saturday 4pm during Happy Hour.

We are underway!!!

The 2017 SAFE Benefit Horse Show will be here before you know it! We have another fabulous show planned for you that you do not want to miss! There are MANY ways to get involved:

Horse show competitors have all the fun!! The SAFE Show offers English, Western, Dressage, Hunters, Ranch Riding, and more! Compete for ribbons, prizes, and high point championships, or just enjoy a fun filled day with your best friend! Entries are open NOW so it’s time to register! This horse show will sell out, so don’t wait until the last minute to sign up!!

The SAFE Benefit Horse Show is made possible by the support of local businesses and people like you! A sponsorship is a great way to promote your company or products to a large group of like-minded individuals. There is an enormous range of sponsorship types to choose from!

Volunteers are at the heart of everything SAFE does, and the Benefit Horse Show is no exception! If you’re not coming to the show as a competitor, why not volunteer? It’s a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to get involved with SAFE and with the horse show community!


Save the Date!

The SAFE Benefit Horse Show will be returning to Donida Farm on August 5-6 for this year’s show! Save the date and get ready for fun! More information will be available soon regarding classes, entries, and sponsor opportunities! Continue Reading

Past SAFE Show Champions

This year marks the eleventh year that SAFE has been putting on its Benefit Horse Show. Take a look back at some of our Past Champions! 2016 SAFE Show Champions 2016 TIP High Point Awards 2015 SAFE Show Champions 2014 SAFE Show Champions 2013 SAFE Show Champions 2012 SAFE Show Champions 2011 SAFE Show Champions Continue Reading