Show Photography

We had several photographers onsite at the SAFE Show this year who will be offering their images for sale online. We’ll post links right here as we get them!


Karen Wegehenkel — SAFE Show 2013 Gallery (click here)

Monica Bretherton — Click here for Gallery


Bobbie Climer Photography — Click here for Gallery!

Congratulations to our 2013 Champions!

The 7th Annual SAFE Show was by far the best show we’ve ever put on, and we owe a huge thank you to all of our competitors, our volunteers, our sponsors, our vendors, and everyone who came to Donida Farm this past weekend to cheer them on. We had a marvelous time putting on this show and we hope that everyone has already marked their calendars for next year’s big event, the EIGHTH annual SAFE Benefit Horse Show, on August 2 & 3, 2014 at Donida Farm. We are already working to get the 2014 show recognized by the Washington State Horsemen, in hopes to encourage even more riders to participate next year.

Congratulations to our 2013 Champions and thank you one last time to the individuals and businesses that sponsored these awards:

Grand Champion — sponsored by Dapplebay Inc
Jessie Fisher and Downright Mystified

Reserve Champion — sponsored by Anderson Equine Saddle Fitting
Allyson Ibrahim and ConceptionbyDesign

Champion Rescue Horse — sponsored by Diamond J Training
ConceptionbyDesign, owned and ridden by Allyson Ibrahim

Champion Senior Horse — sponsored in memory of SAFE Buckwheat
25 year old Egg McTuffin, owned by Mckenna Woodworth and ridden by Hannah Guillien and Lillian Radabaugh

Champion Blind Horse — presented in honor of Spirit
Spirit, owned and ridden by Susan Irvine

Champion Bribed Horse
Mr Black Magic, owned and bribed by Cyarah Sell

English Rider High Point Awards

English Rider, 12 & Under — sponsored by Liesel Filkowski, Realtor
Mackenzie Huggler and Missy

English Rider, 13-17 — sponsored by The Gable Family
Courtney Wolff and Sho Mi Dafina

English Rider, 18-29 — sponsored by Evergreen Equine Veterinary Practice
Jessie Fisher and Downright Mystified

English Rider, 30 & over — sponsored by Mt Rainier Equine Veterinary Services
Allyson Ibrahim and ConceptionbyDesign

English Rider, Novice Division — sponsored by Debi Shatos & Summer Chaos
Chloe’ Smith and Four Sox in Time

Western Rider High Point Awards

Western Rider, 12 & Under — sponsored by BasherBoards
Bransen Sharp and He’s A Mover

Western Rider, 13-17— sponsored by The Gable Family
Mallory Phillips and Marbles Girlscout

Western Rider, 18-29— sponsored by AutoStep
Jessie Fisher and Downright Mystified

Western Rider, 30 & over— sponsored by The Back Forte Equestrian Center
Kim Nicholl and Lucky Lady Gunn

Western Rider, Novice Division — sponsored by BasherBoards
Roxanne Mun and Honey

Dressage High Score Awards

Dressage Intro Level High Score — sponsored by The Gable Family
Christopher Lewman and Winter Jewel

Dressage Training Level High Score — sponsored by Crescent Moegling
Stephanie Cooper and Sketchy Past

Dressage First Level and Above High Score — sponsored by Crescent Moegling
Cindy Tingley and Just Max

Western Dressage High Score — sponsored by Blake Dressage
Nancy Wymore and The Governor

Hunter Champions

Clover Hunters (Trot Poles) — sponsored by The Gable Family
Champion: Kirann Gable and SAFE Maggie
Reserve Champion: Abagail Cochran and Junior Mint

Lily Hunters (Cross Rails) — sponsored in honor of Jeffrey & Margaret Cypher
Champion: Kirann Gable and SAFE Maggie
Reserve Champion: Sue Putnam and Dylan

Jasmine Hunters (2′) — sponsored by Mindful Healing Veterinary Care
Champion: Lucy Pulfer and Kenai
Reserve Champion: Danielle Olson and Dylan

Willow Hunters (2’3″) — sponsored by Shannon DeVos & Renton Licensing
Champion: Madeline Mcsherry and Ginger
Reserve Champion: Mckenna Woodworth and Story Behind It

Cedar Hunters (2’6″) — sponsored by Eileen & Andy Carrel
Champion: Sheridan Jones and Corona
Reserve Champion: Ellie Combs and Rum Runner

Stabling Assignments


Hunter/Jumper Schedule

Anderson Equine Hunter/Jumper Ring Schedule
Judge: Jay Arend
7:30 AM   Ring Open For Schooling
8:30 AM 401 Clover Hunters, Under Saddle (Walk Trot)
8:40 AM 402 Clover Equitation, Not To Jump (Walk Trot)
8:50 AM 501 Lily Hunters, Under Saddle
9:00 AM 502 Lily Equitation, Not To Jump
9:10 AM 403 Clover Hunters, Trot Poles
9:50 AM 404 Clover Equitation, Trot Poles
10:20 AM 503 Lily Hunters, Cross Rails
11:05 AM 504 Lily Equitation, Cross Rails
11:55 AM   Ring Open for Schooling (30 minute break)
12:25 PM 601 Jasmine Hunters, Under Saddle
12:35 PM 602 Jasmine Equitation, Not To Jump
12:45 PM 701 Willow Hunters, Under Saddle
12:52 PM 702 Willow Equitation, Not To Jump
12:59 PM 801 Cedar Hunters, Under Saddle
1:04 PM 802 Cedar Equitation, Not To Jump
1:09 PM 603 Jasmine Hunters 2’
1:59 PM 604 Jasmine Equitation 2’
2:39 PM 703 Willow Hunters 2’3”
2:59 PM 704 Willow Equitation 2’3″
3:19 PM 803 Cedar Hunters 2’6″
3:34 PM 804 Cedar Equitation 2’6″
3:44 PM   Ring Open for Schooling (20 min break)
4:04 PM 901 Jumpers 2′
4:14 PM 902 Jumpers 2’3″
4:34 PM 903 Jumpers 2’6″
4:54 PM 904 Jumpers 2’9″
5:04 PM 905 Jumpers 3′

Dressage Ride Times

Here are the ride times for Sunday’s dressage classes:

SAFE Show Ride Times by Class

SAFE Show Ride Times by Rider

Contact Bonnie Hammond at 206-331-0006 if there are any problems. Thanks everyone!

Dressage entries (and more) close today…

last-day-graphicJuly 31st is here and it’s the last day to enter Dressage classes or buy Dinner Tickets for the SAFE Show. It’s also the day that the show program goes to the printer so if you’re planning to sponsor a class at the show and you’d like that info included in the program, today is the day to do it! 

Hunter/Jumper entries have been extended to Thursday, Aug 1.

You can still pre-register online for English, Western, Trails, and Fun classes through midnight on Thursday, Aug 1. You may also pre-register at Donida Farm on Friday Aug 2 from 2pm to 8pm. And of course we accept day-of-show entries for all English, Western, Trails, and Fun classes!

New award this year: Champion Blind Horse (aka The Spirit Award)

We’re extremely pleased to announce a new High Point award debuting at this year’s SAFE Show: Champion Blind Horse.

Spirit & Juliane competing at the Hollywood Hills Saddle Club show

Spirit & Juliane competing at the Hollywood Hills Saddle Club show

The inspiration for the Champion Blind Horse award is a mare named Spirit, who will be at the show this year competing against sighted horses in the show arena. Spirit was rescued from the kill pen at an auction when she was just 6 months old by Cowgirl Spirit Rescue Drill Team. This little mare grew up to be a beautiful riding horse, recently taking Reserve High Point W/T Western at Hollywood Hills Saddle Club with rider/trainer Juliane Hanley of Diamond J Training. Though she cannot see so much as a shadow, Spirit is trusting, sweet and a loyal lifetime companion to her adopter Susan Irvine which proves how very much potential every horse can have when given a chance at life.

Spirit and a friend

Spirit and a friend

Susan approached us with the idea for a special award for blind horses, in hopes that Spirit might be an inspiration to others with blind or partly sighted horses. “I am not interested in the award for myself, of course,” Susan says, “but thought that with blind horses being absolutely magnificent animals, having a high point award available might encourage those whose horses are blind to reach out to others for help, to know it’s not the end of their horses ability to be ridden.” She hopes that the Spirit Award will encourage others to continue to work with their blind horses, and bring them to future SAFE shows and compete alongside other sighted horses.

The Champion Blind Horse award will go to the blind horse who scores the most points in competition at the show. The winner will receive a tri-color rosette and a $25 gift card donated by Olson’s Tack Shop.


Eat dessert first!

If you’ve never experienced Sub Zero ice cream, you’ll get the chance at the Exhibitor Party at the SAFE Show which takes place Saturday Aug 3 at Donida Farm. We’re serving up a dinner of show-roasted Texas style barbecue catered by Dickie’s Barbecue Pit (dinner tickets on sale here!). The evening’s entertainment kicks off with a free demonstration by the Seattle Police Department’s Mounted Patrol Division and continues with the SAFE Show’s Fun Classes, including the Costume Class and the popular Bribe Your Horse.

Jet says "This one's a winner!!"

Jet says “This one’s a winner!!”

But for many of us the highlight of the evening will be dessert: fresh ice cream that’s frozen right in front of you! We’ll be offering six different flavors, each inspired by one of the SAFE horses. Now most of the horses suggested we go with Hay flavored ice cream with grain mixed in, or Carrot flavored ice cream with Apple chunks mixed in, but we over-ruled these ideas in favor of a few that sounded slightly more tasty to us…like Skye Blueberry with Cheesecake Bites…Sinatra’s White Chocolate with Coconut…Lucky Mint…Cameo Chocolate with Snickers…Honeycutt Honey with Butterfinger…and of course, Lola’s Sugar-Free Pina Colada with Mango! And how do we know these flavors are so tasty? We sampled them, how else?

Ice cream is included with your dinner…but if you’re not eating dinner with us at the Exhibitor Party, we don’t want you to miss out, so you can get a serving in your choice of one of our six special flavors for just $4. Ice cream service will start at about 6pm on Saturday, and is only available during the Exhibitor Party. You can pre-purchase ice cream when you pay for your show entry, or buy it during the party.

Get your ice cream now!


An OEIP and PAC Approved Horse Show

APHA_PAC_logoAHA_OEIP_logoThe 2013 SAFE Benefit Horse Show is an approved host show for both the Arabian Horse Association’s Open Event Incentive Program (OEIP) and the American Paint Horse Association’s Paint AlternativeCompetition (PAC) program. If you are enrolled in either OEIP or PAC, you can earn credits at the SAFE Show towards year end awards with those organizations. If you’re not already enrolled, click on either logo for more information about the programs!


Bribe Your Horse class

The game is simple. Lead your horse into the arena. Unclip the leadrope, then guide him through a small obstacle course using only treats and your voice, no touching!! Fastest time wins.

In reality, however, you just never know how a horse is going to react once the timer starts. Some horses take Bribe Your Horse very seriously, keeping a sharp eye on their treat as they move through the course. Others take advantage of their sudden freedom to gallop around the arena while their owners look on helplessly.

And then there was Montjoy…

Montjoy holds the title of Most Hilarious Participant in the history of ever, with his valiant and helpful attempts to rearrange the course using just his mouth. We had so much fun watching this pair in action!

Have you signed up to try your luck at Bribe Your Horse? If not, WHY NOT?!

Bribe Your Horse is one of the Fun Classes taking place Saturday night during the Exhibitor Party, sponsored by Tenhulzen Real Estate. Get your tickets for the Exhibitor Party right here!!