Ice Cream Flavor Contest Winners!

Announcing the winners of the Ice Cream Flavor Contest and their creations:

Jet Parrett — “Huckleberry Finn” (Huckleberry Ice Cream with Pecans)
Shar Conner — Rocky Road” (Brownie Batter Ice Cream with Marshmallows)
Heather Andreini — “Chip” (Coffee Ice Cream with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups)
Michelle Stokke — “Lola” (Black Raspberry Ice Cream with Cheesecake Chunks)
Cynthia Wagner –“Phoenix” (Vanilla Ice Cream with Peaches)
Jessica Farren — “Karma” (Watermelon Ice Cream with Strawberries)

Congratulations to all six of our winners! Check your email for your ice cream coupon, and remember, it can only be redeemed during dinner at the SAFE Show!

The final menu:

What is the Gambler’s Choice Trails Challenge?

Rachel Koehler and Bacardi attempt the Circle of Death, a high value obstacle in last year’s Gambler’s Choice

So glad you asked! The Gambler’s Choice Trails Challenge is an event that debuted at last year’s SAFE Benefit Horse Show. It’s held during dinner on Saturday night and it’s a lot of fun for spectators and competitors alike.

Here’s how it works: We’re inviting 8-10 trainers who’ll be attending the SAFE Show to compete. We’ll have riders. Each rider has 2 minutes to successfully complete as many obstacles on the Trails course as he or she can. The course, specially designed by Mr Dan McAllister to challenge the riders, consist of about 10 obstacles, each worth a specific point value based on degree of difficulty. Riders have to attempt a minimum of 4 different obstacles, and while they are allowed to try an obstacle more than once, they can’t do the same obstacle back-to-back. The rider who earns the highest point total is the winner.

But before the competition begins, each rider will be auctioned off to the crowd and “sold” to the highest bidder. When all ten riders have been sold, all the money goes into a pot, and half of the pot goes to the SAFE Horses. The other half of the pot is split between the winning rider and the person who “bought” that rider! Last year’s winner, Rachel Koehler, took home nearly $450. Not bad for two minutes of work!!

If you’re a trainer who is coming to the SAFE Show this year and you want to get in on the fun, contact Bonnie Hammond at to find out if there are any spots open in the Gambler’s Choice. We want to see as many barns represented as possible! It’s for a great cause, and it’s a lot of fun too!

We are still selling dinner tickets for the Northwest Summer Essentials Party, so if you want to enjoy some Dickie’s Barbecue and SubZero Ice Cream while you cheer on the riders in the Gambler’s Choice, buy your dinner tickets before the deadline. We will not be selling dinner tickets at the event; we have to provide meal counts to the caterer a few days in advance so they can get ready to feed a big group of people! Click here to buy your dinner tickets!


In Hand Dressage at the SAFE Show

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 2.50.49 PMThere’s a lot of horseback riding going on at the SAFE Benefit Horse Show, but what about those of us with horses that choose not to be ridden? The noble companion horse, devoted to a life of peace and tranquility. The very young horse who hasn’t started a riding career yet, or the venerable senior equine whose riding career is over. The mini horse, too small to carry a rider, but big enough to shine in the show ring? For those horses who prefer you don’t sit on them, we have some special competitions planned for this year’s SAFE Show. We’ve already told you about our expanded lineup of Halter and Showmanship classes, which will include a Halter Championship showdown for both Western and English horses. And hopefully you’re also aware that our Trails Course can be completed in hand. But there’s something new we’ve cooked up this year: In Hand Dressage!

If you’re not already intimately familiar with showing Dressage, it’s a competition in which riders guide their horse through a series of movements designed to demonstrate the skills that a dressage horse should display at each level of training. Each horse and rider pair enters the arena and follows the prescribed sequence of movements outlined in the test they are riding. The judge gives each movement a separate score, and the pair with the highest total score wins the class. The different tests are readily available through the USDF and USEF so riders can familiarize themselves with the test movements and practice them prior to the competition. Some riders will memorize the test movements, but at the lower levels of dressage, it’s permitted to have a reader next to the arena who can call out the movements as the test is ridden.

In order to offer In Hand Dressage at the SAFE Show, we had to create an In Hand Dressage Test. Jet Parrett designed the patterns and tested the movements to determine if they could be done on foot while leading a horse, within a reasonable time period of three minutes or less. The resulting In Hand Dressage test will allow handlers and their horses to demonstrate straightness, balance, willingness, and accuracy.

Click here to download the SAFE In Hand Dressage Test

In Hand Dressage is open to all competitors at the SAFE Show, even those who will be riding their horse in other areas of the show. It will take place in the InHand Arena (the large Indoor arena), following the Halter and Showmanship classes, which should conclude at 2:30pm. If there is enough interest, we may also schedule In Hand Dressage before the Halter & Showmanship gets started. Ride times will be posted online by Wednesday July 29.

If you’ve already registered for the SAFE Show and want to add In Hand Dressage, use this handy link to Add Classes.

Click here to download the SAFE In Hand Dressage Test

New classes added to the 2015 SAFE Show

We decided to expand our class list for Halter and Showmanship this year, so we’ve added the following new classes to the lineup. These classes will take place in the In Hand Arena, starting at 11:15am. If everything stays on schedule, the Western In Hand classes should be finished by about 12:45pm, giving riders a 15 minute break to get saddled up for the Western rail classes in the Main Arena which get underway at 1pm. After Western Halter and Showmanship is finished, we’ll start the English Halter and Showmanship classes.

If you’ve already submitted your entry for the show, and want to add any of these new classes, you can do so by clicking right on this link!

Here is the full class lineup for the In Hand classes:
501. Western Halter, Color Horse
502. Western Halter, Non-Color Horse
503. Western Halter, Rescue Horse
504. Western Halter, Senior Horse
505. Western Halter, Stock Type
506. Western Halter, Pleasure Type
507. Western Halter, Saddle Type
Western Halter Championship — open to 1st and 2nd place finishers in classes 501-507
508. Showmanship, Western, Open
509. Advanced Showmanship, Western, Open

510. English Halter, Color Horse
511. English Halter, Non-Color Horse
512. English Halter, Rescue Horse
513. English Halter, Senior Horse
514. English Halter, Hunter Type
515. English Halter, Pleasure Type
516. English Halter, Saddle Type
English Halter Championship — open to 1st and 2nd place finishers in classes 510-516
517. Showmanship, English, Open
518. Advanced Showmanship, English, Open

Here’s a handy guide to the different halter classes to help you choose which ones are right for you:
Color Horse = pintos, paints, palominos, appaloosas, buckskins, gruellas, cremellos
Non-Color Horse = bays, greys, chestnuts, blacks
Senior Horse = 18 years old or older (the horse, not the handler!)
Stock Type = Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, Paints
Pleasure Type = Arabians, Morgans
Hunter Type = Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods
Saddle Type = Saddlebreds and other gaited breeds

Entries now open for the 9th Annual SAFE Benefit Horse Show!

Online entries are now open for the 2015 SAFE Benefit Horse Show! We have a terrific show planned this year. Here’s the lineup of classes that we’ll be offering:

2015 SAFE Benefit Horse Show Schedule:

Saturday August 1st

8:00am — Dressage (USDF and USEF “English Dressage” classes)
9:00am — Hunters (Trot Poles, Cross Rails, and 2ft classes offered)
5:00pm — Our Saturday Night Party gets underway!!

5:00pm — Dinner starts
5:30pm — Fun Classes (Leadline, Other Half Leadline, and Costume Contest)
6:00pm — the 2nd annual Gambler’s Choice Trails Challenge
7:00pm — Drill Team Performances

Sunday August 2nd

8:00am — Western Dressage (USEF tests)
8:00am — English rail classes begin in the Main Arena– approximate end time 11:15am
9:00am — Trails course open for competition (closes at 4pm)
11:15am — Halter and Showmanship classes begin in the In Hand Arena

11:15am — Western Halter and Showmanship classes begin
12:45pm — English Halter and Showmanship classes begin

1:00pm  — Western rail classes begin in the Main Arena — approximate end time 4:00pm

Gambler’s Choice Trails Challenge Results

gamblers_choice_imageSaturday night at the SAFE Show we held the first ever Gambler’s Choice Trails Challenge, an event we dreamed up with the help and guidance of Mr Dan McCallister, who not only designed the course, but acted as judge and Master of Ceremonies for the evening. As a recap, the Gambler’s Choice Trails Challenge —sponsored by Mt Rainier Equine Veterinary Clinic — featured 8 local trainers and riders competing for points on an advanced Trails course. Different obstacles on the course were worth different point values, and each rider had 2 minutes to gather the highest point total for the win. Riders were required to attempt at least 4 different obstacles, and no obstacle could be attempted twice in a row. We saw a variety of strategies, with some riders going right for the high point obstacles, while others made multiple runs on the lower valued obstacles which were faster to complete. Everyone added their own flair to the course, and it was very exciting for the spectators!

But before the event began, each rider was auctioned off to members of the audience in order to create a “win pool” which would be divided 50% to SAFE, 25% to the winning rider, and 25% to the “owner” of the winning rider. The auction was conducted by Dan, who kept everyone in stitches as he worked the crowd and kept the bids rising! In the end, the “win pool” reached an incredible $1,785…which meant that the riders were each competing to win $446.25 for themselves and $446.25 for their winning bidder. SAFE would be walking away with $892.50 as its share of the “win pool.” The generosity of our audience members exceeded our wildest dreams!

Our winners, Rachel Koehler and Bacardi!
Our winners, Rachel Koehler and Bacardi!

In the end, the winner of the inaugural Gambler’s Choice Trails Challenge was Rachel Koehler, who rode Bacardi to victory with 85 points earned. During her run, Rachel made two successful attempts at the “Ring of Death,” an obstacle worth 20 points, as well as the 20 point gate and the 15 point lope poles. The bidder who “won” Rachel in the auction, Cathi Champion, surprised us all by donating her winnings back to SAFE —making everyone cry in the process —and bringing the total earned for the horses to an amazing $1,339. We are so grateful for Cathi’s incredible support and generosity, and for making this first time event such an incredible success!

Here are the results for all our competitors, every one of whom did great! We can’t wait until next year!

1st — Rachel Koehler — 85 points

2nd — Adina Roberts — 80 points

3rd — Spencer St James — 75 points

tied for 4th — Juliane Hanley — 65 points

tied for 4th — Erin Richardson — 65 points

tied for 4th — Lauren Wiefer — 65 points

tied for 4th — Sara M — 65 points

5th — Andy Johnson — 30 points

Thank you again to our amazing sponsor, Mt Rainier Equine Vet Services and Dr Bob DeWard, DVM for your generous support of this event. Mt Rainier Equine put together a Hydration Station in the vendor area this year, offering relief from the heat to horses and humans!

And we cannot say thank you too many times to the incredible Dan McCallister and his wife Julie for everything they did to make this event possible. They were delightful to work with and we hope that we can continue this event for many years to come!

We’d also like to thank Pilchuck Vet Hospital, who donated bottles of Ecovet Fly Repellent for each of our Gambler’s Choice competitors — great stuff, thank you so much!!


Congratulations to our Champions

The 2014 SAFE Show was an incredible success with a record number of entrants over 2 days. Everyone who came out to support us was a winner, but these were our champions:

Grand Champion — sponsored by Anderson Equine Saddle Fitting
Chloe Smith and Four Sox in Time

Reserve Champion — sponsored by Mindful Healing Veterinary Care
Susan Bunch and Zipity Do Rock

Champion Rescue Horse — sponsored by Sweeney Road Old Horse Retirement Home!

Champion Senior Horse — sponsored in memory of Sonny Oakes, age 30
Zipity Do Rock

English Rider, 12 & Under — sponsored by Scout’s Kitchen LLC
Chloe Smith and Four Sox in Time

English Rider, 13-17 — sponsored by FirstFruits Feed of Redmond
Georgia Rae and Mi Moulin Rouge

English Rider, 18-29 — sponsored by Gwen Blake & Donida Farm
Micaela Read and Furbalisous

English Rider, 30 & up — sponsored by Seattle Equestrian Massage
Leslie Hodgson and Gemstone

Novice English Rider — sponsored in honor of Perfect Pal and Dottie Belle
Kayla Priebe and Coconut Macaroon

Western Rider, 12 & Under — sponsored by Leslie Norton, CFP®
Chloe Smith and Four Sox in Time

Western Rider, 13-17 — sponsored by Leslie Norton, CFP®
Mallory Phillips and Red Hot Zippo

Western Rider, 18-29 — sponsored by Performance Matters and Jerry Pelikan
Kristi Ressler and LadyRobins Rhinestone

Western Rider, 30 & over — sponsored by Chateau Espresso
Susan Bunch and Zipity Do Rock

Novice Western Rider — sponsored by Confident Companions Horsemanship
Ellie Pagh and Jump’in Jack

Dressage, Intro High Score — sponsored by John L Scott Real Estate
Iszabelle Marion and Tally Ho Rocket

Dressage, Training High Score — sponsored by Impact Embroidery
Cyarah Sell and Mr Black Magic

Dressage, First & Up High Score — sponsored by Amber and Louie
Heather Courtney and Rainman

Western Dressage High Score — sponsored by Cathi Champion and Velvet
Rachel Koehler and Shocking Awesome

Champion Clover Hunter, Trot Poles — sponsored by Rebecca Cypher
Champion: Grace Christianson and Bow Hill
Reserve: Shauna Morrissey and Spellbound

Champion Lily Hunter, Cross Rail — sponsored by Rebecca Cypher
Champion: Madison Caldron and Zeus
Reserve: Grace Christianson and Bow Hill

Champion Jasmine Hunter, 2′ — sponsored by TheraPlate NW
Champion: Christine Kuran and Zeus
Reserve: Heather Larson and Bella

Champion Willow Hunter, 2’3″ — sponsored by Evergreen Equine Veterinary
Champion: Hanna Young and Wallace
Reserve: Maia Smith and Rhodie

Champion Cedar Hunter, 2’6″  — sponsored by Eileen & Andy Carrel
Champion: Mackenzie Huggler and Missy
Reserve: Chyenne Pomeroy and Tommi

Final Dressage Ride Times

Here are the final ride times for Sunday’s dressage competition. There are no significant changes from the previous schedule posted yesterday.

Ride Times by Class

Ride Times by Rider

We still have some open ride times due to rider scratches. If you are interested in entering any of these open spots, please call Bonnie Hammond at 206-331-0006 or check in at the show office when you arrive at Donida.

8:14 AM — 304. Training Level 1
9:06 AM — Intro Level A
11:00 AM — Intro Level B or C
11:06 AM — Intro Level B or C