Change of Venue for the 2016 SAFE Show

MWEC_BlackThe tenth annual SAFE Benefit Horse Show is moving to an exciting new location for 2016: Meadow Wood Equestrian Center in Snohomish WA! Meadow Wood Equestrian Center is a stunningly beautiful showgrounds located on over 900 acres of lush green countryside backed up to miles of Skykomish riverfront. Meadow Wood opened three years ago, and if all goes to plan, it will be developed into a showpark to rival Thunderbird. In addition to the beautiful surroundings, Meadow Wood Equestrian Center’s large competition arenas have top quality footing, automatic watering, leveling, and drainage — meticulously designed to bring you the best horse show experience around!

Meadow Wood Equestrian Center is very excited to be hosting the 2016 SAFE Benefit Show, and we can’t wait for this Tenth Anniversary Show! Mark your calendars for the weekend of July 30-31, 2016 and get ready to ride!!

Meadow Wood Equestrian Center

Congratulations to our Champions!

The 2015 SAFE Show was an incredible success with a record number of entrants over 2 days. Everyone who came out to support us was a winner, but these were our champions:

Grand Champion — sponsored by Balanced Equine Saddle Fitting Services
Micaela Read and Furbalisous

Reserve Champion — sponsored by Mindful Healing Veterinary Care
Julie McCallister and Mocha

Champion Rescue Horse — sponsored by SAFE Alumni Honeycutt & Sinatra
SAFE Oscar

Champion Senior Horse — sponsored by Sweeney Road Old Horse Retirement Home!
SAFE Oscar

Champion Blind Horse — sponsored by Balanced Equine Veterinary Services
Curly of Thunder Rail Stables

English Rider, 12 & Under — sponsored by Scout’s Kitchen LLC
Chanel Alexander and Tex

English Rider, 13-17 — sponsored by Firstfruits Feed of Redmond
Isabel Ast and Lucy

English Rider, 18-39 — sponsored by Impact Embroidery
Micaela Read and Furbalisous

English Rider, 40 & up 
(tie) Susan Payne and Dune
(tie) Lisa Tomkins and Aladar
(tie) Tammy Borden and Mustang Sally

Novice English Rider 
Chanel Alexander and Tex

Western Rider, 12 & Under — sponsored by Leslie Norton, CFP®
Samantha Yoder and KA Emiras Gold

Western Rider, 13-17 — sponsored by Leslie Norton, CFP®
Vanora Washburn and FRC Genuine Memory

Western Rider, 18-39 — sponsored by Moondog Embroidery
Amy Foster and Justin

Western Rider, 40 & over — sponsored by Voya Financial Advisors
Julie McCallister and Mocha

Novice Western Rider 
Sara Van Antwerp and Porche

Dressage, Intro High Score — sponsored in honor of Perfect Pal and Dottie Belle
Michele Jacobs and Glamour Girl

Dressage, Training High Score — sponsored by Pacific Moon Dressage
Barbara Yarrington and Oliver

Dressage, First Level High Score — sponsored by SAFE Alumni Amber and Louie
Stephanie Cooper and Con Brio HF

Dressage, Second Level & Above High Score — sponsored by Heather Andreini, John L Scott
Andrea Lucianna and River

Western Halter Championship — sponsored by Abby Stern & Mallory Phillips
Champion: Julie McCallister and Mocha
Reserve: Kaci Cluzen and FR Totem Smoke

English Halter Championship 
Champion: Hannah Leib & Whatcha Talkin Bout
Reserve: Micaela Read and Furbalisous

Western Dressage High Score 

to come

Champion Clover Hunter, Trot Poles 
Theresa Simms and Ensbrook Seize the Moment

Champion Lily Hunter, Cross Rail 
Nicole Spencer

Champion Jasmine Hunter, 2′ 
Champion (tie): Isabel Ast and Lucy
Champion(tie): Lisa Tompkins


Please contact Bonnie Hammond if you did not pick up your award at the show. I’ll be back in the office on Thursday to assist you!


Trails Results

Since many competitors had left by the time we finished the Trails classes, here are the final results, scores and placings for those classes. Ribbons can be picked up at SAFE in Woodinville, please contact Bonnie at if you’re planning to stop by. Thanks so much to everyone who participated in Trails! And special thanks to our Trails judge and course designed Dan McCallister for another amazing year of Trails competition at the SAFE Show!

2015 trails results


If you are sharing a horse that already has a stall or you are with a stable group that pre-paid for a block of stalls, you can still put in an entry. Email to find out how.

If you have already registered for the show and you just want to add classes, use this link:

Hunter Arena Schedule

In an effort to make the The Grange Supply Hunter Arena run smoothly this year, we have devised the following schedule (click to enlarge)


The ring will be open for schooling over fences at 7:30 am on Saturday morning. At 8:30 am we will set the course for Trot Poles and run an open card for riders in classes 203 and 204 who are 18 & older. Riders have a window of time from 8:30am to 9:30am to check in at the Hunter Arena and add themselves to the order of go. At 9:30am the ring opens up for riders in classes 203 and 204 who are 17 or younger. That group has a window from 9:30 to 11am. You do not have to check in at the very beginning of your window, in fact we want to spread the rides out so that we don’t end up with 22 riders standing around waiting to go at the same time. We’ll do the same with the Cross Rail classes over fences and divide the ride times by age. The 2′ division is smaller so it won’t be divided by age.

At 3pm when the over fences classes are completed, we will run the flat classes in order as shown on the schedule above.

Thank you!

Stabling Assignments

Hello Show Goers!

Here are your stabling assignments for this weekend’s show! We are using all the available stabling, including E Barn, so please check the stabling list before you head down to Donida Farm so you know where you are headed. There are two lists, one sorted by Last Name, and one sorted by the name of your barn.

Stabling by Last Name*

Stabling by Group*

*Revised to include TACK STALLS which are also important!

Stall Charts