Prodigious Fund Logo We are thrilled to announce that not only has The Prodigious Fund sponsored all the Thoroughbred classes at this year’s show, they have also offered up $1,000 in prize money to be awarded to the winners of our Thoroughbred High Points:

$200 – High Point Thoroughbred Overall
$100 – High Point Thoroughbred In-Hand
$100 – High Point Thoroughbred with Junior Rider
$100 – Dressage Thoroughbred High Score*
$100 – Hunter High Point Thoroughbred
$100 – English Pleasure Thoroughbred High Point
$100 – Western Pleasure Thoroughbred High Point
$50 – Trails & Agility Thoroughbred High Score
$50 – Intro Dressage Thoroughbred High Score*
$50 – Training Level Thoroughbred Dressage High Score*
$50 – 1st Level Thoroughbred Dressage High Score*
$50 – 2nd Level & Up Thoroughbred Dressage High Score*

(*winner of overall Thoroughbred dressage high score receives an additional $50, to be added to the prize money for their individual level high score for a total prize of $100)

This prize money is in addition to the ribbons and prizes donated by the Thoroughbred Incentive Program and the Jockey Club.

Click here for information on how to win these High Point awards!

Click here to add classes! Right now we only have ONE OTTB competing in Sunday’s Western classes, with $100 in prize money on the line!!