Sheridan Jones and SAFE Horse Corona in the hunter ring at the 2011 SAFE Show

For the second year in a row, we are offering a great day of hunter jumper competition on Sunday August 5 at the SAFE show. Our judge this year is Jay Arend, with courses designed by Karina Hogan of Sandamar Farm. We’ll have five Hunter Divisions, ranging from Trot Poles and Cross Rails, up to 2’6″ verticals. Champions in each division will be awarded certificates for $50 off entry fees for the Octoberfest Hunter/Jumper Show, thanks to Jump Off Horse Shows.

A big thank you to our Hunter/Jumper arena sponsor, Anderson Equine Saddle Fitting Services. Qualified Saddle Fitter Dawn Anderson was trained and certified by the Society of Master Saddlers in Great Britain. Specializing in English saddle fitting, reflocking, and repair services, Dawn works to ensure proper saddle fit for both you and your horse to assure the best behavior and freedom from lameness. Dawn has also donated a pair of Saddle Fitting Sessions to our Silent Auction, another great opportunity to ensure the happiness and comfort of your equine partner.

Our Hunter divisions are named for some of our favorite former SAFE horses:

  • Clover Hunters (Trot Poles)
  • Lily Hunters (Cross Rails)
  • Jasmine Hunters (2′)
  • Willow Hunters (2’3″)
  • Cedar Hunters (2’6″)

We’re also offering the following jumper classes:

  • Jumpers, 2′
  • Jumpers, 2′ 3″
  • Jumpers, 2′ 6″
  • Jumpers, 2′ 9″

Sign up today! Entries close on July 31.