If you’ve never experienced Sub Zero ice cream, you’ll get the chance at the Exhibitor Party at the SAFE Show which takes place Saturday Aug 3 at Donida Farm. We’re serving up a dinner of show-roasted Texas style barbecue catered by Dickie’s Barbecue Pit (dinner tickets on sale here!). The evening’s entertainment kicks off with a free demonstration by the Seattle Police Department’s Mounted Patrol Division and continues with the SAFE Show’s Fun Classes, including the Costume Class and the popular Bribe Your Horse.

Jet says "This one's a winner!!"

Jet says “This one’s a winner!!”

But for many of us the highlight of the evening will be dessert: fresh ice cream that’s frozen right in front of you! We’ll be offering six different flavors, each inspired by one of the SAFE horses. Now most of the horses suggested we go with Hay flavored ice cream with grain mixed in, or Carrot flavored ice cream with Apple chunks mixed in, but we over-ruled these ideas in favor of a few that sounded slightly more tasty to us…like Skye Blueberry with Cheesecake Bites…Sinatra’s White Chocolate with Coconut…Lucky Mint…Cameo Chocolate with Snickers…Honeycutt Honey with Butterfinger…and of course, Lola’s Sugar-Free Pina Colada with Mango! And how do we know these flavors are so tasty? We sampled them, how else?

Ice cream is included with your dinner…but if you’re not eating dinner with us at the Exhibitor Party, we don’t want you to miss out, so you can get a serving in your choice of one of our six special flavors for just $4. Ice cream service will start at about 6pm on Saturday, and is only available during the Exhibitor Party. You can pre-purchase ice cream when you pay for your show entry, or buy it during the party.

Get your ice cream now!