The 3rd Annual SAFE Hobby Horse Challenge, presented by Mt Rainier Equine Veterinary Services!

Polish up your boots, practice your gaits and get ready to compete in the world’s newest equestrian sport: Hobby Horsing! Don’t have a horse of your own? Hobby Horses are affordable and require much less care than a “real” horse. Plus, no manure!!

This year, Hobby Horse riders will compete on an expanded Hobby Horse Trail Course, with 5-7 obstacles to maneuver. The horse and rider who complete the course with the best form, willingness, and harmony will be crowned the winners. But creativity will also be rewarded!! Earn extra points by designing or decorating your Hobby Horse, coming up with a great team name for you and your horse, or making the audience laugh with your humorous antics.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own hobby horses, but we will have a stable of trusty steeds for use at the show. Entrants must create a fictional name for themselves and their hobby horse. Two divisions: 17 and under, 18 and over.

It’s the most fun you’ll have on two legs. This year’s Hobby Horse Challenge participants will compete on Saturday 8/3 starting at 4pm in the Main Arena. Entry fee is FREE. Sign up is now open!

If you don’t already own a Hobby Horse, here are a few links to help you buy or make one so you can get your horse outfitted and ready for the show:

Etsy beginner-friendly downloadable SEWING PATTERN to create your stick horse! Lots of great options here!!

Another more realistic-looking downloadable pattern available from Etsy!

A cute and affordable hobby horse with wheels!

Aurora World Giddy-Up Stick Horse 37″ Plush, Beige from Amazon

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