We had a couple of big changes at this year’s SAFE show that I wanted to make mention of, both designed to keep our riders and competitors safe over the course of the event.

First, we brought on a Technical Delegate for the show, and I want to extend a huge thank you to Suzi Puckett for filling that role so well. Suzi spent the weekend making sure the rules of the show were being followed, most notably the rules that prohibit unsportsmanlike conduct, mistreatment of horses, unruly or out of control horses, or horses that are visibly exhausted or lame. Suzi worked very hard to keep the competitors and their horses safe, and thanks to her diligent efforts there were no major incidents or injuries to report. Thank you to the competitors who treated Suzi with respect and understanding that she was there for the safety and well being of you, your horses, and your fellow competitors.

We also hired a local EMT to be present for each day of the show. At the end of the day, we didn’t need their services, but having them there on the berm ready to spring into action gave us great peace of mind and that was definitely worth the (quite moderate) expense. Thank you to Jeannette Parrett for coordinating that!