We have a lot of new High Point Sponsors to recognize and thank:

  • Dayville Hay & Grain
  • Trailers Northwest
  • Tacoma Equine Hospital
  • Try My Toffee!
  • Todd & Val Coleman
  • Synergy Equine Massage

We’re thrilled to have the help and support of such a diverse group of businesses and people. This year’s search for sponsors has been a pretty incredible process. We’ve met so many nice people who really care about SAFE’s mission and the fate of rescued horses. We’re proud to have all of our sponsors partnering with us on the SAFE show. It’s going to be a great event.

There’s still time to sign up for a High Point Sponsorship ($100 donation) or a Class Sponsorship ($50 donation).

We have 8 High Point spots left, and they include a space in our vendor area for both days of the show.

We also offer Class Sponsorships which are a fun way to recognize someone who’s made a difference in your life; commemorate a birthday, anniversary or achievement; or show support for someone participating in the show.

More about sponsorships here (click me!)