New at the SAFE Show this year: T.I.P. classes for Off the Track Thoroughbreds!

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 3.44.22 PMThe Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P.) was created by the Jockey Club to encourage the retraining of Thoroughbreds into other disciplines upon completion of careers in racing or breeding. This is a fantastic program that promotes Thoroughbreds as sport horses in second careers. T.I.P. sponsors Thoroughbred-only classes and and high point awards for Thoroughbreds awards at open horse shows and competitions nationwide. Horses that are enrolled in the T.I.P. program can also earn points to win year-end Performance Awards, including a Thoroughbred of the Year Award, and a Young Rider of the Year Award.

Signing up your OTTB for the T.I.P. program is easy! Just visit to and click the link Get a TIP Number to learn more.

This year’s SAFE Show is the only horse show in western Washington sponsored by the Thoroughbred Incentive Program. We’re offering Thoroughbred classes and high point awards, with beautiful ribbons provided by the Jockey Club! You can also receive T.I.P. points for these class which count toward year-end T.I.P. awards.

Thoroughbred Classes at the SAFE Show:

5a. English Halter, Thoroughbreds (min 3 entries)
27. Walk/Trot English Pleasure, Thoroughbreds
42. English Pleasure, Thoroughbreds
76. Walk/Jog Western Pleasure, Thoroughbred
91. Western Pleasure, Thoroughbreds

Thoroughbred High Point Awards at the SAFE Show:

Intro Level Dressage English Pleasure High Point
Training Level Dressage Western Pleasure High Point
First Level Dressage High Point Thoroughbred
Second/Third/Fourth Level Dressage High Point Green Thoroughbred
Western Dressage Junior Rider High Point
High Score Dressage Thoroughbred Trail Rider High Point
Hunter High Point Thoroughbred Thoroughbred In Hand High Point

Click here for information about how to qualify for High Point Awards and to see the Fabulous prizes!