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It’s nearly time once again for the SAFE Benefit Horse Show! Our eleventh annual horse show will be held at Donida Farm in Auburn and offers competition in English & Western Performance, Dressage, Hunters, and Trails. We’re also throwing a party on Saturday evening for competitors and spectators which includes the popular Gambler’s Choice Trails Challenge. We’re expecting a crowd and we want you involved as a show sponsor! Last year’s show SOLD OUT—with more than 230 competitors! plus family, friends, and other spectators!

Why should you become a SAFE Show Sponsor?

SHOW YOURSELF TO A LARGE GROUP OF HORSE PEOPLE. We had over 230 entrants in last year’s show, in addition to all the folks who came out to watch. This year we hope to attract even more participants — not only to the show but also to the Saturday Evening Party, including the Gambler’s Choice Trails Challenge.

SHOW YOUR INVOLVEMENT IN A NORTHWEST TRADITION. Now in our eleventh year, the SAFE Benefit Horse Show is the premier horse rescue event of the summer! Our show is extremely popular with both novice and experienced riders, and our participants love the friendly atmosphere and efficient management of the show.

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR SAVE A FORGOTTEN EQUINE. SAFE has established itself as one of the very best horse rescues in the region. With our reputation for honesty, transparency, and responsibility to the horses we take in, you can be sure that you are supporting a great cause that is dear to most horse people’s hearts. SAFE has loyal supporters who will appreciate that you’ve joined them in the fight for forgotten horses.


PRESENTING SPONSOR! The premier sponsor level at our horse show is the Presenting Sponsor, for a tax deductible donation of $2,500. Your business name will be included in the name of the show, and your logo will appear on all show posters, signage, tee shirts, name badges and more. Includes 4 complementary passes to the dinner. Thank you to F5 Networks who have stepped in as our newest Presenting Sponsor for this year’s show!!!

GAMBLER’S CHOICE SPONSOR! The highlight of our Saturday evening party is our Gambler’s Choice Trails Challenge, which is available for sponsorship with a $1,500 tax deductible donation. This exciting event pits competitors against one another for the highest score in an advanced trails challenge. Each competitor will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, and the winning rider and bidder will split the pot with SAFE. Includes 4 complementary passes to the dinner. THANK YOU TO Mt Rainier Equine Vet Care for sponsoring the Gambler’s Choice for the Fourth consecutive year!

ARENA SPONSORS! Sponsor one of our competition arenas with a tax deductible donation of $250 to $1,000 and the arena will be named after you.

CHAMPIONSHIP SPONSORS! From Grand Champion and Reserve Champion, to the Champion Rescue Horse and Champion Senior Horse, these prizes are the highlight of our show. Donation levels range from $750 to $250 for Championship Sponsors.

HIGH POINT SPONSORS! For just a $150 tax deductible donation, you can sponsor a High Point award. You’ll be recognized in the program and show announcements.

CLASS SPONSORS! With just a $25 donation, you can sponsor a class in your name, your business name, your horse’s name. You can sponsor in honor of a friend or in memory of someone you miss. Anything goes! Your class sponsorship will be listed online as well as in the program and announced at the show! Use the form at the right to choose from a list of classes that are still available to be sponsored.

SAFE HORSE SPONSORS! SAFE is bringing a group of horses to the show this year, and you can make one “yours” by sponsoring their appearance. A $250 donation will help pay for stabling, feed, and transportation for one lucky SAFE horse! We’ll make a sign for your horse’s stall with your logo or message, and you’ll be acknowledged online and over the PA as well. Use the form at the right to sponsor a SAFE horse at the show!


Sponsor Level Donation Sponsor
Presenting Sponsor $2,500  F5 Networks
Gambler’s Choice Sponsor $1,500  Mt Rainier Equine Vet Services
Main Arena English Sponsor $1,000
Main Arena Western Sponsor $1,000  The Grange in Issaquah
Trails Arena Sponsor $250  Parrot Heads of Puget Sound
Dressage Arena A Sponsor $500  Heather Andreini, John L Scott
Dressage Arena B Sponsor $500  Pacific Moon Dressage
Hunter Arena Sponsor $500  Arena Rehab Specialists
Grand Champion $750  
Reserve Champion $500  Rainland Farm Equine Clinic
Champion Rescue Horse $500  Eve Tai
Champion Senior Horse $250 Sweeney Road Old Horse Retirement Home, in memory of the much loved Nona Lisa
Champion SAFE Alumni Horse $250  Sunny & Shasta’s Mini-Syndicate
Champion Blind Horse $250  The Grange in Issaquah
English Rider, 12 & Under $150 The Whole Pet Shop
English Rider, 13-17 $150  Lake Washington Saddle Club
English Rider, 18-39 $150  The Gift Horse Saddlery
English Rider, 40 & Over $150  Equicube LLC
Novice English Rider $150
Western Rider, 12 & Under $150
Western Rider, 13-17 $150 Leslie Norton, CFP®
Western Rider, 18-39 $150  Bothell Feed Center
Western Rider, 40 & Over $150  Caren McMillan
Novice Western Rider $150
Dressage, Intro High Score $150  Pacific Moon Dressage
Dressage, Training High Score $150   Lake Washington Saddle Club
Dressage, First Level High Score $150  Mindful Healing Vet Care
Dressage, Second & Up High Score $150  Island Equine Massage LLC
Western Dressage High Score $150  Stella + Dot, stylist Tracy Farnham
 Stella + Dot, stylist Jenae Stout
Champion Trot Pole Hunter $150 White Trifolium Designs and The Beaded Dog and Pony
Champion Cross Rail Hunter $150 The riders of Stoneridge Equestrians, in honor of coach Daria Nordness
Champion 2′ Hunter $150  Orion Equestrian
Volunteer Hospitality Tent Sponsor $250  Snohomish Co-Op and Monroe Co-Op
Sponsor a SAFE Horse at the show! $250 Balanced Horse Veterinary Service
Andy and Kathy Hope
Jane Millar
Caren McMillen
Jon & Barb Beachner
 EMT Sponsor $200
Class Sponsorships $25 each or 5 for $100

SAFE Show Syndicate Sponsorships

What’s a Syndicate Sponsorship? It’s when a group of people join forces and pool their donations together. Syndicate Sponsorships can be used to claim one of our High Point awards or sponsor a block of classes. In the past, Syndicates have even ended up sponsoring Arenas at the show!

Currently our Syndicates include the SAFE Mini Horses, Arabians Rule!, Hearts of BOLD (the OTTB syndicate), and Get Curly (the Curly Horse syndicate.) Anyone can start a Syndicate…just get some friends together and make some magic!!

Click here to visit the Syndicate Sponsorship page!

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