We have a lot of competitors who are riding in both Dressage and Hunters, so in order to make this easier on everyone, we are going to start classes in the Hunter arena later than planned.

Classes in the Dressage Arena will still start at 9am , and we’ll be posting ride times on this website by Wednesday Aug 3.

Hunter Arena Class Schedule:

11 am – Noon: Open schooling in ring
Noon: Start classes

Order of classes:
501 Trot Pole Hunter Under Saddle
502 Trot Pole Equitation, Not To Jump
601 Cross Rail Hunter Under Saddle
602 Cross Rail Equitation, Not To Jump
701 Tiny Hunter Under Saddle
702 Tiny Hunter Equitation, Not To Jump
503 Trot Pole Hunter
504 Trot Pole Equitation
603 Cross Rail Hunter
604 Cross Rail Equitation
703 Tiny Hunter
704 Tiny Hunter Equitation

Schooling Break – 45 minutes – Open schooling in ring

801 Short/Long Stirrup Hunter Under Saddle
802 Short/Long Stirrup Equitation, Not To Jump
901 Pre-Child/Adult Hunter Under Saddle
902 Pre-Child/Adult Equitation, Not To Jump
803 Short/Long Stirrup Hunter
804 Short/Long Stirrup Equitation
903 Pre-Child/Adult Hunter
904 Pre-Child/Adult Equitation