Here is the preliminary schedule for the Anderson Equine Hunter/Jumper Arena on Sunday, Aug 5. We will open the ring for schooling at 8am, and start with the flat classes for the first three divisions at 9:00am. At this time, since entries are still open, we cannot give approx times for the Over Fences classes, but an updated schedule will be posted on Saturday, Aug 4.

8:00am Ring Open For Schooling
9:00am 401 Clover Hunters, Under Saddle (Walk Trot)
9:10am 402 Clover Equitation, Not To Jump (Walk Trot)
9:20am 501 Lily Hunters, Under Saddle
9:30am 502 Lily Equitation, Not To Jump
9:40am 601 Jasmine Hunters, Under Saddle
9:50am 602 Jasmine Equitation, Not To Jump
10:05am 403 Clover Hunters, Trot Poles
404 Clover Equitation, Trot Poles
503 Lily Hunters, Cross Rails
504 Lily Equitation, Cross Rails
603 Jasmine Hunters 2’
604 Jasmine Equitation 2’
Ring Open for Schooling (1 hour break)
701 Willow Hunters, Under Saddle
702 Willow Equitation, Not To Jump
801 Cedar Hunters, Under Saddle
802 Cedar Equitation, Not To Jump
703 Willow Hunters 2’3”
704 Willow Equitation 2’3″
803 Cedar Hunters 2’6″
804 Cedar Equitation 2’6″
Ring Open for Schooling (30 min break)
901 Jumpers 2′
902 Jumpers 2’3″
903 Jumpers 2’6″
904 Jumpers 2’9″

If you haven’t signed up for Hunter/Jumper classes yet, what are you waiting for? Here’s your chance to ride at a rated show venue in front of USEF judge Jay Arend, and get in some good practice for the upcoming Octoberfest Hunter/Jumper Show in September. Champions in the Hunter Divisions will win certificates good towards $50 off entry fees at Octoberfest, thanks to Jump Off Horse Shows.