The game is simple. Lead your horse into the arena. Unclip the leadrope, then guide him through a small obstacle course using only treats and your voice, no touching!! Fastest time wins.

In reality, however, you just never know how a horse is going to react once the timer starts. Some horses take Bribe Your Horse very seriously, keeping a sharp eye on their treat as they move through the course. Others take advantage of their sudden freedom to gallop around the arena while their owners look on helplessly.

And then there was Montjoy…

Montjoy holds the title of Most Hilarious Participant in the history of ever, with his valiant and helpful attempts to rearrange the course using just his mouth. We had so much fun watching this pair in action!

Have you signed up to try your luck at Bribe Your Horse? If not, WHY NOT?!

Bribe Your Horse is one of the Fun Classes taking place Saturday night during the Exhibitor Party, sponsored by Tenhulzen Real Estate. Get your tickets for the Exhibitor Party right here!!