Hello competitors!
Here are the preliminary ride times for Dressage on Sunday Aug 5. Review carefully and if you have any issue with the times you’ve been given, please send a message to our lovely secretary Jeannette at jet@safehorses.org by Thursday at 2pm. A revised and final schedule will be posted here on Friday morning.

Please keep in mind that many of you have signed up for both Dressage and English classes, and those two events are happening at the same time. Jeannette has made every effort to schedule your Dressage rides so that you can do both, but because we don’t know exactly how long the English rail classes will take, things do not always go as planned. So, if you see a potential conflict on the day of the show, be prepared that you may miss an English class if it starts at the same time as your Dressage test. We cannot hold the start of your English class if you’re not there and ready to ride, because that would not be fair to the other people in the class. Stay in contact with the gatekeepers at both arenas, and they will do what they can to help you. It never hurts to be nice to the volunteers working at the show, they are doing their best to make this a great day for YOU. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

Preliminary dressage schedules:

Preliminary Ride Times by Class

Preliminary Ride Times by Rider