Hello Riders!
We’ve had about 15 horses and riders drop out of the show due to concerns about the weather this weekend. The weather forecast has actually improved a bit, but we are still expecting high temperatures.

Just a reminder that our show rules state that competitors can cancel their entries and receive a full refund if they make their cancellation before Thursday 8/3 at 5pm. After 5pm, we won’t refund entry fees unless you have a note from your vet or physician.

If you do feel that you need to cancel your entry today, we certainly understand and will make every effort to help you. Please, if you can, keep in mind that a lot of work has already gone into processing your entry, assigning stabling, and scheduling rides — so if you do decide to cancel, a small donation back to SAFE would certainly be appreciated! We’re doing this for the horses after all!! Thanks for your consideration!!

Your exhausted show secretary