Syndicate Standings

Updated June 15, 2018

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Ranking . Syndicate Name Amount Raised






get-curly $30


arabians-rule-logo $25


hearts_of_bold $25


What’s New for 2018?

We’re glad you asked! There are a few new additions to the SAFE Benefit Horse Show that you need to know about!

A new Hunter division!

In addition to our regular Hunter divisions (Trot Poles, Cross Rails, and 2 ft), we’re going to add a fourth division with fences set between 2’3″ and 2’6″ So if you’re ready to jump a little higher, we’ve got you covered! Each division consists of three classes: a hunter class, and equitation class, and a handy hunter round. Enter a division for $55 or pay $20 for individual classes. Riders may only enter into two consecutive divisions (i.e., trot poles and cross rails, cross rails and 2′ or 2′ and 2’3″-2’6″. If you have any questions about cross entry rules, please email

new for 2018!

NAWD Six Feet on the Ground

Six Feet on the Ground was developed by North American Western Dressage, to promote in-hand groundwork using a progressive system of tests for practice, training, and competition. Six Feet on the Ground emphasizes the principles of the training scale, which are applicable to every discipline, and provides a working model for success prior to getting in the saddle. Working with your horse on the ground is the first step in developing a strong partnership. Not all horses can be ridden, and not all horse owners want to ride. Programs like Six Feet on the Ground encourage horse owners to explore different ways to interact with their horses besides just riding.

There are many different ways that people train their horses on the ground, and this program allows you freedom and flexibility to work with your horse in the way that is most effective for you. Six Feet on the Ground is NOT a showmanship class. Scores are not based on where you stand, how you hold the lead, or how much bling is on your halter or clothing.

There are ten tests, each with a series of movements that are appropriate for the level. Much like a dressage test, each movement is given a score of 0 to 10, based on how well the movement was performed. There are also a set of collective marks awarded at the end of the test for both the horse (gaits, suppleness, relaxation, etc.) and the handler (connection, timing, lightness, accuracy, etc.) The final score is reported as a percentage of available points earned. Download the tests at and start practicing at home, then decide which test(s) you’d like to perform at the show.

Six Feet on the Grounds classes will be held on Saturday 8/4 starting at 9am. If you’re already entering the show with your riding horse, we hope you’ll give this a try! And if you have a companion horse at home that dreams of the show ring, this might be the perfect way to start or get back to competition. We also offer in hand classes in Halter and Showmanship, and our trails course can be competed on in hand as well!

We are underway!!!

The 2018 SAFE Benefit Horse Show will be here before you know it! We have another fabulous show planned for you that you do not want to miss! There are MANY ways to get involved:

Horse show competitors have all the fun!! The SAFE Show offers English, Western, Dressage, Hunters, Ranch Riding, and more! Compete for ribbons, prizes, and high point championships, or just enjoy a fun filled day with your best friend! Entries are open NOW so it’s time to register! This horse show will sell out, so don’t wait until the last minute to sign up!!

The SAFE Benefit Horse Show is made possible by the support of local businesses and people like you! A sponsorship is a great way to promote your company or products to a large group of like-minded individuals. There is an enormous range of sponsorship types to choose from!

Volunteers are at the heart of everything SAFE does, and the Benefit Horse Show is no exception! If you’re not coming to the show as a competitor, why not volunteer? It’s a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to get involved with SAFE and with the horse show community!


The Gambler’s Choice Trails Challenge, presented by Mt Rainier Equine

Here’s how it works: there will be 10 contestants, who will each have 2 minutes to complete a series of obstacles on a trails course. Each obstacle will be worth a specific number of points based on difficulty, and the rider who accumulates the most points during their run is the winner. Sounds simple, right?

The super fun part is that before we start, the 10 riders will be auctioned off to the members of the crowd. The money from the auction goes into a pool, and when the dust settles, half of the pool money goes to SAFE, a quarter goes to the winning rider, and a quarter to the winning bidder. Last year, the winning rider AND the person who won her in the auction each went home with more than $1,700! The stakes are high and the competition is fierce. But someone will emerge victorious and be crowned the Champion!

The Gambler’s Choice Trails Challenge, presented by Mt Rainier Equine Veterinary Services: it’s super fun, it’s for a great cause, and you don’t want to miss it! It’s all part of the Saturday night dinner party at the SAFE Show, and everyone is welcome!

Trainers bringing students to the SAFE Show are invited to ride and compete in the Gambler’s Choice Trails Challenge! Contact Bonnie at if you’re interested!

We will be serving dinner during the festivities — Wood-fired authentic Neapolitan pizza made fresh by Veraci Pizza. Dinner includes salad, beverages, and Sub Zero Ice Cream for dessert. Beer and wine will be available for purchase too! Dinner tickets need to be purchased in advance so we know how much food to order so click here to purchase dinner tickets!

No Horse? No Problem!

It’s back again!!!

Polish up your boots, practice your gaits and get ready to compete in the world’s newest equestrian sport: Hobby Horsing! Don’t have a horse of your own? Hobby Horses are affordable and require much less care than a “real” horse. Plus, no manure!!

Join us for the most fun you’ll have on two legs. This year’s Hobby Horse Challenge participants will compete on Saturday starting at 4pm. There are three components to this year’s Challenge:

  • Halter (best looking Hobby Horse wins!)
  • Agility/Trails
  • Dressage

Awards will be given to the outstanding participants in each events. Sign up for this historic (and slightly hysterical) event. All you need is the moves and the attitude! If you don’t already own a Hobby Horse, here are a few links to help you buy or make one so you can get your horse outfitted and ready for the show:

Etsy beginner-friendly downloadable SEWING PATTERN to create your stick horse! Lots of great options here!!

Another more realistic-looking downloadable pattern available from Etsy!

A cute and affordable hobby horse with wheels!

Aurora World Giddy-Up Stick Horse 37″ Plush, Beige from Amazon

Entry fee: $20. Takes place Saturday 8/4 at 4pm in the Main Arena